Guinea pig pimples


iheartmytexelpiggies: Hi have 2 questions?#1what happens if you breed a texel to a short haired guinea pig will it produce a texel? #2 I just got 2 texel piggies and I believe one is pregnant by the father is there anything to worry about and she is young not sure on exact age? Dec 23, 2014 20:38:51 GMT
tingals: I have two baby boys that I need to rehoming due to my health issues. I was wondering if anyone has any issues of how to deal with this hardship? :'( Jan 17, 2015 20:25:45 GMT
bunchesofjoy: Are you willing to share where you're located? Jan 28, 2015 10:01:51 GMT
maisie1101: hi, Feb 2, 2015 18:40:01 GMT
lisa21264: Tingals Please charge a rehoming fee dont give them away to a person. Your vet or a rescue might take them. Im sorry you have to rehome your babies. Feb 12, 2015 9:15:40 GMT
paigengertie: Need advice on how to introduce a new piggy to my two year old female. Feb 25, 2015 11:08:20 GMT
frnzr4evr: When you think you have found a private loving home (ie. you haven't got a rescue foster centre nearby), be sure to interview them carefully to make sure they understand the expertise cavies need vs. other rodents, and that they aren't reptile owners Apr 8, 2015 8:38:18 GMT
welshdenn: Hi Guys, I'm not sure how to post, this is the only bit that will let me type Could you help please. My Alfies cage is on its very last legs. Its an indoor cage plastic base, wire top with top and front opening. Anyone out there have a spare? Apr 28, 2015 7:29:09 GMT
piggyhelper101: Hi everyone! I'm doing a video on pig skin ailments, and I'm having trouble pinpointing a beginning since there's a lot to mention. Any suggestions as to where I should start? Jul 6, 2015 17:14:53 GMT
cartie101: piggyhelper101, possible start with what healthy guinea pig looks like Jul 17, 2015 18:30:20 GMT
trinitygabrield: Hello, Brand new to this cite. I have four piggies. and can't wait to meet fellow piggy owners and befriend them, on here<3 Aug 18, 2015 19:04:30 GMT
cavylove: What can I do for a Guinea pig who can't digest grains? Eats everything else, but loosing muscle he is not sick, popcorns,and has fun. Loves hay, kale, and so on, he cries when he poos with grains Aug 20, 2015 15:41:45 GMT
kindisthenewcool: Hi everyone I just created my account. My guinea pig Lulu always hides in her hidey but when I take it out for a few minutes she popcorns and sqeaks. I am so confused Oct 1, 2015 19:08:57 GMT
maisie1101: Hi:) Oct 6, 2015 15:09:03 GMT
maisie1101: :) Oct 6, 2015 15:09:36 GMT
awesomecheechee: I'm getting two guinea pigs soon and this really helped. I have one question though: If the two piggies are already together (like from the same litter), do I still have to quarantine each individual guinea pig? Nov 1, 2015 19:37:04 GMT
hebby8214: .....if she getting any floor time ? Nov 6, 2015 3:32:05 GMT
hebby8214: i didnt with my first two girls, but when i got the rescued ones i did Nov 6, 2015 3:32:48 GMT
elaina: I need help Nov 18, 2015 16:43:49 GMT
elaina: I got a guinea pig and they lie about the age he is 1moth old is there some dite or some thing he needs? Nov 18, 2015 16:45:54 GMT