Syringe Feeding-How Much Daily??


Enneagon: Aloha~ Aug 24, 2014 1:53:41 GMT
Enneagon: But I have to agree with Candyguts - this one is sort of active but not very... it's kind of weird. My budgie one is more active than this one. So let's make it more active! Aug 24, 2014 1:54:11 GMT
Orlaith: Remember that people who view the forum from their phones can't see the shoutbox! Sept 18, 2014 12:52:25 GMT
Orlaith: We're certainly not as active as we could be - remember to post often, and invite your friends :D Sept 18, 2014 12:52:43 GMT
guineapigs1997: Hi Sept 18, 2014 21:02:19 GMT
Orlaith: Hi :) Happy Friday! Sept 19, 2014 13:20:33 GMT
lydia: Hi! How do you start a new post/thread? Oct 29, 2014 2:34:15 GMT
lydia: Sorry, i'm new here. Oct 29, 2014 2:34:25 GMT
Orlaith: Hi Lydia. You go to the part of the forum your topic is about (e.g. food or housing) and in the top right there's a button that says "new thread". You click that and the option will pop up for you. Oct 30, 2014 9:42:28 GMT
guineapigobsessed: HELLO!! Oct 31, 2014 0:55:23 GMT
lydia: Thanks! Oct 31, 2014 4:11:41 GMT
Orlaith: You're welcome :D Nov 3, 2014 10:39:45 GMT
emblow: Hello Im new here ,a question about pelvic separation having trouble finding it . First i sit her stance position feeling above her vulva about an inch or 2 up on her belly? on her tummy? how far up by feeling underneath her should you feel they say a hole Nov 11, 2014 21:30:57 GMT
guineapiggiequestion: Hi! Dec 13, 2014 7:55:11 GMT
iheartmytexelpiggies: Hi have 2 questions?#1what happens if you breed a texel to a short haired guinea pig will it produce a texel? #2 I just got 2 texel piggies and I believe one is pregnant by the father is there anything to worry about and she is young not sure on exact age? Dec 24, 2014 2:38:51 GMT
tingals: I have two baby boys that I need to rehoming due to my health issues. I was wondering if anyone has any issues of how to deal with this hardship? :'( Jan 18, 2015 2:25:45 GMT
bunchesofjoy: Are you willing to share where you're located? Jan 28, 2015 16:01:51 GMT
maisie1101: hi, Feb 3, 2015 0:40:01 GMT
lisa21264: Tingals Please charge a rehoming fee dont give them away to a person. Your vet or a rescue might take them. Im sorry you have to rehome your babies. Feb 12, 2015 15:15:40 GMT
paigengertie: Need advice on how to introduce a new piggy to my two year old female. Feb 25, 2015 17:08:20 GMT